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About Fiona

We believe all workspaces should be designed with the human user in mind.

Fiona McDonald

Fiona McDonald

Principle Ergonomist

We provide consultancy, advice and education in workplace ergonomic design and redesign.

My career started as an Occupational Therapist, assisting workers recover from injury sustained from their work. I saw that many of these injuries could be prevented by often simple improvements in job design.

Post graduate study in Ergonomics and Human Factors allowed for the skills and knowledge to help business make change.

There began my quest to drive change through education, facilitation and engaging workers in the design of their own work tasks and tools.

30 years on the passion to make these changes continues.

I have now been able to see the benefits to business and industry in using the science of Ergonomics as a tool to engage workers in the design of their work systems.

My team and I continue to provide our Ergonomic Knowledge in many diverse ways

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