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5 tips for setting up an ergonomic home office #workfromhome

5 tips for setting up an ergonomic home office #workfromhome


In these changing times, so many of us are forced to Work From Home. You may want to get some advice from a Professional Ergonomist on the best Ergonomic set up for your Home Office or Workstation? Let me take you through simple ways to  achieve comfort, good posture, reduce the risk of aches and pains. Let’s ensure your time working from home is as positive an experience as we can gain in these changing  ways of work. I’m also needing to Work From Home, so here are some tips from me to you! The link below will take you to my first of many quick tips for getting your home workstation set up to be Ergonomic.

Do you have employees working from home? Do you need to ensure that their health and safety is considered when working at their home office workstations?

We are now able to offer Home Office Ergonomic Assessments via videoconferencing for your employees. They will be assessed by a Qualified Professional Ergonomist (not someone who does ergonomics). This will ensure your staff have the most up to date evidence based information. You will receive a summary of the recommendations, and most of these will not cost a lot to implement. We will ensure that your employees will have the skills and knowledge to adapt their home workspaces specifically for their individual needs.

So contact us and let’s chat about ways a Professional Ergonomist can be of assistance.


here are your 5 tips for setting up an ergonomic office: